Monday, January 4

Top Wedding Posts from 2015

One of my most popular posts from 2015 was on making boxes for my bridesmaids! I really wanted to ask them in a personalized way and to give them little gifts to thank them for being in my life. I really wish I could have given them in person, because I definitely had mini alcohols for each of my girls that (it turns out) can't be sent through the mail!

I posted a series about finding my wedding dress, which was insanely popular. I quickly realized that my readers really, really liked hearing about wedding stuff. I don't blame you, because I like it too. :) They were super fun to write. My first post was on my initial thoughts when dress shopping and my experiences dress shopping in Boston.

My second post in the wedding dress series was about actually finding "the dress." It was totally unexpected, but so exciting! I still pine for it, and I'm not exaggerating. I wish I had it now so that I could wear it around the house. :) 

My last (and third) post in the series was 6 tips for dress shopping. I read a lot of tips beforehand, but these were the ones I really took to heart and used myself. Bringing snacks was a must, because it is physically and emotionally exhausting! I was also really shocked by how much other people's opinions were hard to ignore. At the last place we looked in Boston, my mom and grandma loved this lace dress on me (not the one shown above), but I felt literally nothing. It was so hard to explain why this dress - which was technically perfect and looked amazing on me - just wasn't the one. I felt like I was letting people down! In reality, I wasn't. They wanted the best for me, which wasn't that dress.

In April, I posted about 8 wedding things I'd been loving! Since my wedding Pinterest board is private, it was fun to show off some of the things I'd been thinking about. It ended up being really popular, which again, after realizing how popular all my wedding posts were, wasn't totally unexpected. It's funny to see how my tastes or ideas have changed since then!

It's honestly really hard to write about J and I's wedding - I'm never sure how much to share. It's not just because of privacy, but because if I share everything that we're planning, then I think the wedding itself won't be as exciting for our guests! I like having surprises planned, and I want people to be totally awed! If everyone knows what we've planned, then no surprises. Boo!

At the same time, I really love writing about it. It's fun. We're finally at the point where we've got the big stuff taken care of and I'm constantly being asked about our plans, so it feels silly not to write about it. Plus, writing about finding a wedding dress was basically the most fun I had writing this year! 

It's so funny, because I was so stressed out about being a bride at first. Now, it feels like the most natural thing in the world, because over the past year, I've really let go about what I think I'm supposed to do/think/feel, and just let J and I figure stuff out! There are no wrong answers, and that's been super freeing for me. :)

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