Friday, January 8

Top Lifestyle Posts from 2015

One of the top posts of 2015 was on my goals recap! I really like reflecting on my goals and how I did, and I'm honored people care enough about my goals to read as well. Kind of embarrassing, actually, given how poorly you could argue I did this year, but it is what it is!

Another one of my top posts was my review of the Fitbit! I was so excited to finally get a Fitbit, and I was even more excited to review it. It's been super helpful and motivational for me these past few months.

J moved in (finally), and it was really fun to write about how the apartment has changed since he moved in! I can't say how much fun it was to have the apartment to ourselves and really make it our own. It's changed a lot since this post, but it's still fun to look back!

My Stitch Fix posts have also been super popular this year! They really came through for me this year, which I'm thrilled about - I had basically given up on them as a service, but I absolutely love the work clothes I got from them this year.

 This was my only other Stitch Fix I got this year, and I also reviewed my first Fabletics purchase. I got one shirt from the Fix, and at the time, I loved my Fabletics outfit. I bought one or two more outfits from Fabletics, but haven't bought from them since. Eventually, I found the materials were really cheap and really weren't worth paying what I was for them.

This post on how to budget simply was really popular this year, and I wasn't really surprised! I think a lot of people my age haven't been taught how to - I sure wasn't. I got a lot of my information on how to budget from the Internet, because I was never taught practical skills in high school or college, haha. I think a lot of people are also embarrassed about not knowing these practical things, and therefore don't ask, which is why I think the post was so popular - it was a non-judgmental way for people to learn a simple skill! :)

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