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I got this format from Iowa Girl Eats (one of my fav food blogs) with a few edits of my own, and I thought it would be fun to mix up my daily life posts with this type of update! Let me know in the comments or on Facebook if you'd like to see more posts like this. 😊

Time and Place: 9:14AM, sitting on my couch in my apartment and covered by our softest, biggest blanket. I'm still in my pjs, drinking some coffee. I need to get another cup...

 I've been trying really hard to track my food again since the new year began and I've been doing really well. I've been eating really healthy... except that I've had nachos for like, two days in a row. 😂 Guys, they're just sooo good! I'm not even talking about "fancy" nachos, like the ones we made a few weeks ago - I'm talking about microwaved nachos with Tapatio Doritos, Mexican cheese, and adobo seasoning. I can't stop eating them!

Enjoying: Our Roomba! J's mom bought us the Roomba for Christmas and it's been SUCH a huge help around the apartment. I don't mind certain chores, but there are a few things I hate doing. One of those chores is sweeping. With two cats and hardwood floors, we were sweeping once a week and we just weren't keeping up with all the cat hair and dirt. We use the Roomba about every other day and it's made a huge difference in how clean our apartment is and feels. It's pricey, but it saves us so much time because we don't have to sweep and vacuum - we let the Roomba do it for us, and we're free to get other things done (or just relax).

Listening to: 

Loving: Everyone on my Facebook feed getting outraged for all the right reasons! Basically everyone I'm friends with has been protesting and posting and raising awareness and taking action and it's been making me so happy. I told J last night that I worried that all the outrage about Trump would just disappear because people are lazy and wouldn't want to bother taking action, so being surprised by my friends and family and fellow Americans has been amazing. I just donated to the ACLU this morning, and I'm never going to stop standing up for people who are oppressed.

Craving: Toast! That's probably a lame thing to crave, but whatever. I want what I want. We don't have a toaster anymore (we literally never used it in three years), so I'm baking it in the oven. Will report back if I burn the apartment down. UPDATE: Toast turned out perfectly - super crunchy and perfectly browned. 🙌 
Also, pickled jalapeños! And not just because it's my own recipe, haha. I need to make a grocery list for this week and I'm hoping there are some jalapeños in stock because I'm literally salivating over those crunchy, hot, slightly sweet little treats! They're so easy to make and I've totally been craving "Mexican" food lately (hence all the nachos, haha).

Purchasing: Soylent and Coffiest for J! J had been talking about the benefits of Soylent as a meal replacement for years, so this Christmas, I finally bought him some. He loves it, and this week, we just bought Coffiest for the first time (think, Soylent and coffee, mixed). I tried it yesterday morning and I think it's an acquired taste because I did not enjoy it. It has a thick texture, like a Slimfast shake, and I'm really picky about texture. It doesn't mean it's my last time trying it because these drinks are vegan, packed with nutrients, and decently affordable if you're buying in bulk! I really want to like them, so I'll give it another try soon.

Sharing: My membership to the ACLU! As of today, I'm a card-carrying member of the ACLU and I couldn't be prouder. I wish I had donated sooner, because it's an incredible organization - one I want to get involved in as an attorney, particularly after last night. I'm so grateful for all the attorneys and law students who gave their time last night to write habeas corpus petitions for the refugees and immigrants detained, and I wish I could have done something like that. We didn't even see that there was a protest at the Denver airport until it was over. Point being: Support the ACLU!

Anticipating: It's a small thing, but getting a desk in my new office! We just moved to the floor above where our old office was, and everyone else's office is set up except for mine, because I still need a desk, haha. So for now, I'm working in the file room, but I'm really excited to be able to move into my office, frame my diplomas, and make it feel like my own!

Sporting: A lot of Stitch Fix. Too much Stitch Fix? Who's to say.

Missing: My friends in New Hampshire. Really bad. I don't necessarily miss New Hampshire, but I do miss having so many friends around me and, you know, understanding the state law. It took me a while to "get" it, and now that I'm in a new state, I have to learn all new state law all over again. It's kind of exhausting. But that's nothing compared to how much I miss watching "Game of Thrones" with Abby, Andrew, Jay, and Tyler, or eating Thai food with Erica or walking through the hallways of school with Amanda. I miss my DWS group just desperately, and wish I could spend my evenings snuggling with Abby on the couch while J and Andrew play video games, or play board games with Courtney and Brady. I have friends here in Colorado who I adore, but I miss my New Hampshire people really badly.

Discovering: New music! I have such a hard time finding new music I like. Growing up, I basically just listened to the radio or got music from my friend, Kendra, who was an angel and made me mixed CDs. I've been listening to Pandora at work, and since one of my goals this year is to listen to 30 new-to-me albums, I've been noting the bands I seem to like on Pandora. I'm on my third new album of the day as I'm writing this, and I'm pumped that this system seems to work for me! I already knew I loved Lord Huron (see "Listening to," above), but I've found quite a few new-to-me bands that I'm excited to listen to (including Hozier, First Aid Kit, the Lumineers, and The Head & The Heart). I just got Apple Music again, and I really would recommend it if you're looking to check out new music.

Dreading: Ugh, it feels like so much right now, haha. For one, I'm dreading having to move again. Or, to be more accurate, I'm dreading the wait. I love our apartment, but I'm so ready for us to have our own home. We just looked at a new apartment last week, and as much as I loved parts of it (the fixtures, kitchen, fireplace, dishwasher, 3 pet max), I kept thinking, "If we had our own home, we could choose all of these things ourselves." Sigh. I'm not a patient person and I wish I could plan this whole home-buying process, but I have to give up control, which is not something I'm great at.

I'm also trying to sell some of our furniture that we don't use often, which is always a fun process. 😑 We have a headboard that we no longer use, and I've had so many inquiries about it but no one's bitten yet. I had a buyer who was supposed to come yesterday to pick it up, so I heaved it out of our closet and put it in our living room... but her child was sick and she couldn't come get it - so now it's just sitting in our entryway until she can come next week. Totally not her fault and I completely understand, but I really wish it was gone and we had the extra space (and extra money). We're also trying to sell my desk and replace is with a large-ish kitchen table that I could use as a desk when I need to, but no one seems to be interested right now. Again, sigh. I hate waiting.

Organizing: I got rid of a ton of stuff this fall before my family came for Thanksgiving, but I'm starting to get into the whole moving mindset (even though we still have like, three months until our lease is up, haha) since my office just moved this past week. Since we're trying to sell our desk, I spent most of the past two days cleaning it off and organizing everything that was on it. I still need to actually dust the desk off and make it look a little more presentable, but I'm hoping it will help when someone wants to buy it - then it'll be ready to go right away!

I'm similarly trying to really think about what stuff of mine I want to keep or even need. I'm pretty good at downsizing, but knowing that we're going to need to move everything we keep is good motivation too, haha. We have SO many books, which I love. But since we're getting rid of the desk, it's made me think about needing a more permanent space for stuff like letters and envelopes. We have this giant bookshelf from IKEA that I just love, but I'm thinking that when we move, it wouldn't hurt to get another one. We have enough books and vinyl that I'm sure we could fit them on two, haha.

Reading: I just finished my first book of the year (The Taming of the Queen), and started my second (The Curated Closet). I really enjoyed The Taming of the Queen, though it was not a cheery book. I was kind of bummed out at the end, but not all books can have happy endings, you know? I loved learning about Katherine Parr, Henry VIII's last wife, so it was definitely worthwhile reading. And speaking of organizing, I'm really pumped to start reading The Curated Closet - I got rid of a lot of clothes after reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, but I'm interested in how different this book will be. I've heard a lot of people praise it, so we'll see!


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