Tuesday, February 12

11 Reasons I Love HBO's "Girls"

I have the second disc of Girls, Season 1, on my bookshelf, impatiently awaiting Kelsey Johnston to come over tonight and watch Lena Dunham get naked on my T.V.

You have no idea how excited I am for this.

I am a "Girls" novice, truth be told. I've only seen the first disc of the first season so far, though I'm somewhat up to date with a few episodes in the next season; but really, all I know is that Hannah tries cocaine and that Patrick Wilson is a love interest. Not too much of a spoiler.

In preparation for tonight, here are the 11 reasons I'm pretty sure I love this show:

1) Lena Dunham / Hannah Horvath. 
Not a big surprise here if you know me at all. I love the way she talks. I love that she doesn't have a "typical Hollywood/New York body" (AKA she has lumps and it's so awesome). I love that she gets naked in pretty much every episode. I love that she is not ashamed of doing this. I love how beautiful she is.

2) People are pissed that Lena / Hannah gets naked in pretty much every episode.
Seriously, people are apparently upset about this. Probably the same people who spat venom at (my) Hannah for being a "fat apologist" for suggesting that it's ok to have stretch marks and lumps and curves and stuff. This NY Post critic was all like, "EW GIANT THIGHS why doesn't the skinny BEAUTIFUL girl in the show get to be naked HUH?" I was all like, "Wow, NY Post critic, you are terrible."

3) Marnie has real feelings.
SPOILER UNLESS YOU'VE SEEN THE FIRST EPISODE. Marnie has this great boyfriend who loves her and who she's been with for like, four years. Sure, he's clingy, but everyone's like, "Marnie, he's perfect so what if he loves you too much," and Marnie's like, "SPACE PLS."

We constantly see romantic comedies where the perfect girl finally finds the perfect guy and they are sooo happy together. Well, what about four (or twenty) years down the line when you're sick of them? Real feelings.

4) Shoshana is a virgin and is kind of a freak about it.
I feel like the only time we hear or read about the "virgin" is when people are waiting until marriage to have sex and apparently everyone needs to know. Shoshana is completely wigged out that she's still a virgin. She doesn't want to be, but (as far as I've seen right now) the only time she's gotten close, the guy's all like, "No pls."

I guess that is a virgin stereotype. I don't care if you're a virgin or not. I literally do not even think about the touched/untouched state of your vagina. I am busy watching Girls.

5) People are pissed Lena / Hannah was in an episode with Patrick Wilson.
I'm like, "Wow, you people need more time to do more things." Apparently we don't live in a world where someone who looks like Patrick Wilson would want to do things with someone who looks like Lena Dunham, thereby perpetuating the stereotype that societal-accepted beauties are only attracted to people who also stunningly beautiful in societal-approved ways. It's not like Patrick Wilson could like someone with THICK THIGHS EW.

I mean, what? Maybe people are attracted to different things. Maybe what turns him on is "thick" thighs and a booty and that's perhaps his business and not anyone else's.

Lena Dunham looks kinda like me (and I'm thinking probably a lot of other women in this world), so when you're all like, "EW NO," you're calling probably 90% of the world's women fat cows who don't deserve attractive partners. Stew on that.

Also, I apparently need to apologize to my smokin'-hot boyfriend; I don't deserve to be with him cause I've got a lumpy butt. SO SAYS THE WORLD.

6) As a priviledged, early-twenties white girl, I can relate.
Sad, but true. Nothing has spoken to me in such a way since "Mean Girls." All the girls in the show have "first-world problems," and it turns out, I do too. I'm not trying to be pittied or petted for having such a tough life, but it's nice to see an honest take at our somewhat mundane problems (like weight, stupid relationships, viotile friendships, our own selfishness, etc).

7) Hannah "dates" a douchebag.
Adam treats her like crap most of the time, has degrading sex with her, and never calls her back. He sends her dick-pics meant for someone else. Hannah forgives him because he kisses her and has sex with her (degrading or not). She literally ignores all the bad stuff for inexplicable reasons. Many of us have made such mistakes before in our lives. I feel like I'm yelling at her half the time to stay away from him, and yet she never listens to me.

8) I keep wondering who Jessa is going to have spontaneous, possibly unprotected sex with next.
I think we all know people who do unwise things of this nature. We love them, of course. Jessa is a fascinating character because I'm pretty sure that she knows she's doing dumb things, but she cares more about her image (being spontaneous and "cool") and having a new, exciting story to tell than she does about making smart decisions.

I don't know, maybe she's right. Maybe we should all be more spontaneous.

9) I can't watch this show without thinking about MY girl friends.

10) It's not about "chasing a diamond."
Lena's words. Bask in them.

11) It's called "Girls," but they are, arguably, women.
When do girls become women? I'm not really sure. I still usually call a group of women, "guys." I don't know if that's normal.

Are young women today in a perpetual state of arrested development? Perhaps. Maybe our whole generation is. Maybe being so dependent on our parents keeps us in a girl-like state. Maybe the desire to be "grown-up" without any of the responsibilities makes us girls. Maybe the idea that we're not "grown-up" until we get married makes us girls because we're so dumb.

I still don't really feel grown-up, even though I'm mostly taking care of myself. My parents help me out all the time (Thank yoooou!), but I pay my own rent and 99% of the time pay for stuff on my own. Does that make me a woman?

Seriously, if you're at all interested in anything I've been talking about in this post, go on Netflix stat and rent Girls. It's not a perfect show. It's not an ideal show. It's messy and it's raw and it's real, but that's also why it's so good.

Have you seen Girls? Will you start watching it now? What's your favorite episode? Which character do you identify with most?

Love you all,

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