Monday, February 25

Finally Moved & Home!

We're finally moved and home!!! 

Yesterday was The Big Move, and boy was it exhausting. I don't know if I've been this physically and emotionally tired before. Jeanna and I finished packing up the apartment in record time before I picked up the UHaul truck I rented.

Driving that huge truck all evening was terrifying! I've driven a Simpson van before, but nothing this large before. I thought it was scary to drive when it was empty - once it was full, it was so much worse. I was so scared that every bump I hit was breaking my furniture, though I worried for nothing.

J and a family friend helped load up the truck. I helped carry the mattress and box spring, but I wasn't really any help for the other big stuff, haha. I'm so glad we got the 2-bedroom sized truck instead of the smaller one.

Everything and everyone got to J's mom's house in one piece, and we unloaded in record time! The cats didn't really like me organizing J's room all morning, but GOD were they happy when the bed was put together. They jumped on us all evening and night.

The bed does take up a lot of the room, but there's more space than I expected. We might even be able to move my dresser upstairs (it's in the basement right now)!

Of course, this move was even harder since J's mom's house is under construction. Her whole kitchen is being redone, so everything kitchen-related is currently in the basement. We can still use the stove upstairs for now, but it's not going to be there for that much longer. It's going to take some time for all of us to get used to these new, big changes!

I took this week off from work so I can help clean the now-empty apartment and unpack at the house! It's been crazy - I'm hoping I'll be able to go into work or work from here a lot this week before I leave on Thursday for Spring Break with my family! Maybe I should just enjoy the break though...

Do you have any tips for adjusting to a big change? Have you dealt with any big changes lately? Can you see how happy the cats are in the "new" room? :)

Love you all,

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