Thursday, February 28

Shopping Trip Treasures!

I hardly ever go shopping. I was laughing yesterday with J and Kelsey that I couldn't remember the last time I've bought clothes. I need to pay for: rent, groceries, utilities, gas and misc. needs. Even when I was in college, I needed to pay for groceries and gas, and working three part-time jobs at Simpson just wasn't covering trips to the mall.

I'm making a lot more money now and now living with J's mom, but I'm still in that mindset. It's not easy for me to go to the mall and spend money on things I want, but don't need. Even now, I still tend to buy clothes that can be worn at work too.

Yesterday, I wanted to give myself a reward for eating well, taking care of myself, and (especially) for making The Big Move and working so hard all week! It didn't stop me from feeling guilty for spending money on non-essentials, but again, I'm trying to remember that rewarding myself is okay once in a while!

What did I get?

  • Blue Blazer - I'm so in love with this, and I got it for $8 at Plato's Closet! It's a little stretchy and I can see myself wearing it casually, at work, and especially at law school!
  • Yellow & Blue Infinity Scarf - I got this for $10 at The Stuff Store! Also in love - it's such a cute, modern print and I've been looking for something like this for months! I can't wait to wear this to dress up a t-shirt or tank top!
  • "Priceless" - One of my favorite movies, which I found for $2.99 at The Stuff Store! I used to watch it on Netflix all the time, but it's not on Instant Watch anymore. It's French (which I love), about a gold digger who mistakes a waiter for a rich man. It's beautifully done and super sweet. I'm so excited to watch it again!
  • "He's Just Not That Into You" - This was also $2.99 at The Stuff Store, and I just couldn't help myself. The book was great, and helped me move on when I realized the reason this guy wasn't calling me back was... Well, you get the picture. The movie is cheesy, but a great chick flick.
  • Tan & Black Polka Dot Top - $29.00 at Maurice's! I normally don't spend that much on clothes (I know, I'm cheap) but I've been looking for this top for three weeks! Someone wore it at work and I fell in love. It's so versatile - I can wear it to work with nice pants or a skirt! I was afraid it was a little tight on me, but I still love it and they didn't have it in a large.
  • Striped Top - $34.00 at Maurice's. I looked all over the mall for a green shirt to wear for St. Patrick's Day in Chicago, with no luck. I found a couple possibilities, but nothing I was crazy about until this top. Even at Maurice's, a lot of their green tops were either green, tight t-shirts or this kind of sea-green color. I loved that this was really green as well as loose and flowy! It'll be perfect for downtown Chicago!
J is driving me to Des Moines today and I'm so excited!! I'm staying overnight with my mom, and then we're flying out tomorrow morning for Hilton Head. My whole family is driving to Orlando next week and going to all the different parks, including... THE HARRY POTTER THEME PARK. AHHH! I can't express how ridiculously excited I am!

I don't know how much I'll be able to blog next week, so be patient with me. I'm so excited to spend time with my family and feel/act like a 13-year old girl again, haha. J can't come with since his spring break is in a few weeks still. I'm going to miss him so much, but I don't want to waste my time in  warm, Florida, Harry Potter paradise pining away.

Which of my purchases is your favorite? Do you prefer shopping at malls or thrifting? 
Are you going anywhere for Spring Break?

Love you all,

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