Friday, February 8

I'm Going to Law School!

Guys, I'm going to law school!!!

If you haven't seen on my Facebook (or you're not friends with me on there, which you should fix), I very recently got accepted to law school! I applied to a lot of schools, and the University of New Hampshire School of Law was the first one I heard back from.

It was such a relief just to know that a school out there wanted me, and especially because UNH is a such a great school. It's in Concord, which is about an hour from Boston, which is great because Boston is such a fun city and the New England area is just breathtaking! It also has a Social Justice Institute, which is great because I really want to work in civil rights and social justice.

Since then, I also got accepted to New England School of Law!

I was laughing to some friends the other day about this, because I'm not even attempting to be cool and reserved about this - I'm over the moon happy that I've been accepted somewhere, especially after my last LSAT score and the subsequent tears, haha.

I'm very hopeful that everything will work out! I'm trying to trust that I'm going to be accepted to the law school I'm meant to go to. I've done everything I can right now, and I've worked really hard to try and get these schools to understand who I am as a person, quirks and smarts and passion and all! Hopefully it comes across. :)

Has anyone out there applied to law school? Were you as blatently excited as I am, or could you convince people you were cool? If you've applied to grad school in general, were you at all nervous? Do you believe in fate?

Love you all,

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