Tuesday, March 12

Home Sweet Home (Vacation, Part 2)

1. Butterbeer truck because it's beautiful // 
2. The conductor guy and my family in front of the Hogwarts Express // 3. Me in Dr. Seuss Land
4. Spiderman and I are BFFs // 5. The biggest lobster I have ever seen // 6. breakfast
7. Urban Outfitters // 8. Chase in his new tank top // 
9. Watching SimpCo women's softball kick butt in Orlando!

1. Me in front of the park // 2. Kicking shark butt // 3. Burning bras
4. My new dress // 5. Back to Harry Potter!!! // 6. Trying Butterbeer with Chase!
7. Packed up for Hilton Head // 8. 5-hour drive back to HH // 9. Kichon on the ride home

When we got back home, Joe and I had a day to relax before we flew out early Sunday morning. Have I mentioned that I HATE "springing forward?" Like the rest of America (minus Arizona and Hawaii).

It was nice to have a day to relax, but it was even nicer to finally get home again. J picked me up at the Des Moines airport in a suit, God bless him. We stopped by HyVee to pick up some bread for the ride back since I hadn't eaten lunch, and I saw my friend Mallory! I hadn't seen her in ages, so it was great to talk to her, even if only for a few minutes.

We got back to Iowa City and relaxed and napped for a few hours before I drove to Carlos O'Kelly's to meet two of my best friends, Hannah and Kelsey. I realized earlier that it had been almost a YEAR since I'd seen Hannah, which is ridiculous... But I guess that's what you get when all your friends live in different states across the U.S... Figures, haha. 

But seriously, margaritas with these women was just perfect and I loved showing them Jeanna's house and my cats. James is obsessed with Kelsey and we can't figure out what spurred this. He really loves her. He even gave her a love bite, haha.

Yesterday was my first day back at work since J and I moved, and I've gotta say that I'm glad to be back. I have a lot of stuff to get done this week and, truth be told, I missed the structure. As much as my 30-40 minute commute to work every day is a bit of a pain, I like being in an actual office and knowing what I'm doing every day. It's nice to work from home sometimes and I like occasional spontaneity here, but when you've been travelling and moving and living in chaos, some structure can feel reeeeally nice.

Also, on a more random note, I'm in a Modcloth contest! Check out my outfit HERE and pleeease like the picture if you like my outfit. Or you just love me or something. Or you feel like making me feel good, haha. :)

What did you do for Spring Break? Do any of your animals randomly love someone? Do you prefer a spontaneous job or a structured one?

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