Monday, March 25

Sugar & Spice VoxBox

Colgate Optic White: Mouthwash, Toothbrush & Toothpaste // A- 

I'd been meaning to buy a whitening kit as soon as I got paid... Lucky for me, this turned up! I was surprised by how much more of my mouth the toothbrush seemed to reach - I thought my old toothbrush was doing a good job, but I think this was undoubtedly better. The toothpaste seems like regular toothpaste to me. The mouthwash... Well, if you've ever done a home whitening kit, you probably know that almost sour, harsh taste in your mouth. The mouthwash has a definite taste of that. 

The product promises whiter teeth in 7 days... They must be doing something right! I definitely saw whiter teeth! I'm not sure I'd invest in the toothpaste again. I'll buy the mouthwash, and the toothbrush was nice, but I'll have to see.

Spenda Nectresse // B 

I like to use real sugar or Stevia when I'm at J's house. However, this was free, no-calorie, and apparently all-natural. They basically boil down this monk fruit and get the sugar from the natural sugars of the fruit. I used it a few times last week in my coffee and was happy with the sweetness. I also used it in my oatmeal last week, but couldn't really taste it. 

Does it sweeten? Absolutely. Does it sweeten better than Stevia? No. Will I probably buy it after these packs are gone? Probably not. If you like Splenda already, this could be the product for you! 

Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer // A

I'm a little lazy when it comes to lotion. Guilty as charged. When I used this for the first time, I had J feel my legs. I asked him, "When was the last time you remember me putting lotion on anything other than my elbows or hands?" He couldn't remember. That's because it's a hassle for me. Usually the only time when my body's exposed is when I get out of the shower, and I don't want to spend 5 minutes lotioning everything up; I want to get WARM.

This was practically heaven-sent for me. All I have to do is spray myself down, rub it in a little, and I'm done. It absorbs super quickly and I really like the smooth, soft feeling afterwards. It's basically like putting on sunscreen. I have time for that, and at the very least I can spray my legs in the mornings! The rest of my body might be a rough mess, but my legs are going to remain silky!

Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Towelettes // A

I wasn't so sure of these when I first got them. The "Witch Hazel" smell is really strong, and I wasn't sure if I loved it or hated it. J, however, knew immidately that he loved it. These aren't great at getting eye makeup off, but as far as wiping your face before bed, on your way home from work, or in the morning, they're wonderful! When I use them in the morning, I found that my face wasn't nearly as oily during the day.

I have some Neutrogina face wipes too which work really well, but if you lick your lips afterwards or happen to kiss your boyfriend, it has an awful taste. I had to stop using them before bed because I got so sick of licking my lips and tasting the makeup remover that's probably on them. Dickinson's Towelettes have passed what J and I called, "The Kiss Test." Meaning, after I used one, I had J give me kisses all over my face (POOR ME) and then see if he could taste anything. He couldn't, and my face smelled like Witch Hazel. Basically, these are boyfriend approved.

belVita Cinnamon Brown Sugar Breakfast Biscuits // B-

This was my first time trying these biscuits, and after seeing all my friends commenting and posting about how much they love these, it looked like I was the only one who hadn't eaten them before! As far as taste goes, I thought they were good. They tasted almost exactly like graham crackers, which I got a little too excited about when I finally pinned down what they reminded me of. They have grains in them that you can see, which was nice.

Honestly, I just wasn't thrilled by them. They were fine. Each biscuit was about 57 calories (if you care), so it wasn't a super high calories breakfast by any means. However, I wouldn't feel comfortable calling these "healthy." They had a lot of ingredients that I couldn't pronounce, and while I don't mind that in snacks sometimes, it's not my preference. The biscuits are not a balanced breakfast, and by "sustained energy," I'm pretty sure they just mean, "carbohydrates." Are these yummy? ABSOLUTELY. Would they be a fine snack during the day? Sure. Would I eat these to start my day? Maybe, if they were around. I'm not sure I'd go out and buy a box.

Have you tried any of these products before? Would you try them after my review? Do you disagree with anything I've said? Can you see the difference in my teeth?

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