Thursday, March 14

Meet James & Leif

Leif // Orange Tabby // Heavy & Solid
Personality: Leif is one of the sweetest cats I've ever met - J and I joke that he's actually a dog because he loves everyone! If you pet him, he loves you. He's easy-going and LOUD. He's a big meow-er and will howl like a dog if he thinks you aren't listening. Leif's super clumsy and uncoordinated. Whenever he jumps up, he either doesn't make it or almost falls back down. When he jumps down, he thunks.

Loves: Being petted // Rubbing his head against your hand // Warm places // Sleeping // Sleeping on my computer // Sitting on my computer // Sleeping in uncomfortable places and positions // Rolling around in the bathrub // Feather & mice toys // Playing with things moving on the ground // Moving his tail for James to play with // Bread // Cat food // Being groomed by James

Hates: Showers // Running water // Being alone in a room // When James bites him // The smell of dogs // The sight of dogs // Being hungry // Being rubbed near his legs // Being picked up and held like a baby even though it's super cute

James // Grey & White Tabby Manx // Light & Soft
Personality: James has two emotions - loving you and wanting you to go away. When James is cuddly, he is CUDDLY. He wants to rub against your face and your head and your body and be as close to you as possible. It's adorable and heartwarming and makes me want to cry with happiness sometimes. James is very clear when he wants his personal space. He tolerates most people, but has a special place in his heart for J, me, my friend Kelsey, and Jeanna's husband, Phil.

He's ridiculously graceful and light. If he jumps down from somewhere, you won't hear it at all. You won't know he's around unless he's wearing a jingle collar, he meows (which is super rare), or you see him. James is just a quiet guy.

Loves: Having his tail nub scratched (he has one vertebrae that raises up) // Having his back legs scratched // Climbing on people // Sitting on shoulders // Climbing up as high as he can // Heated mattresses // Sleeping on my chest // Sleeping on his back // Watching // Chirping at birds // Drinking out of the sink // Feather toys // Playing with things in the air and jumping for them // Playing with Leif's tail // Wet cat food // Bread // Cheese // Apples // Grooming Leif // Randomly attacking Leif // Running water // Having his belly rubbed (sometimes)

Hates: Showers // Everyone, sometimes // Having his belly rubbed (sometimes) // Introductions to new animals // When Leif came to live with us

Despite what it may sound like, James actually loves Leif. They're basically best friends/brothers at this point. Sometimes he's a jerk to Leif just to be a jerk, but besides the first few days they've gotten along amazingly well. They love sleeping next to each other and each other's company. It's gonna be hard on them when James and I move for law school.

J and I both love Leif and James desperately, but there are some drawbacks to having cats:

  • Both the cats scratch things (not just the litter) when they're about to go or just went to the litterbox. It's super loud and incredibly annoying. HELP PLEASE.
  • Decorating = Child-proofing. And when I say "child-proofing," you know very well I mean cat-proofing. I can't have all these dainty detail-oriented things around because cats can and WILL knock them over. Plus sharp objects are a "no."
  • In a small room, the cats jump on the bed and run across us ALL. NIGHT.
  • James drinks out of water glasses, and if he thinks the water is too far down for him to get to, he just knocks the whole thing over and leaves. Doesn't even drink the spilled water.
  • James is also very picky about how clean his litterbox is. If he thinks it's too dirty, he WILL pee elsewhere. Be prepared to find your pee-soaked scarf/shirt/pants on the floor the day you want to wear it.
  • Cats fart.
  • Catsitters. Sometimes they're needed when you go out of town and your "regular" people can't watch them. Thankfully, I've learned that most catsitters can be paid with tequila and sushi.
  • Too much cuteness. Cuteness overload. Wanting to cry because your cats love each other. Too many snuggles.
Honestly, despite the things that are annoying or suck about having cats, I wouldn't change my life at all. They're SO much easier to care for than a dog, and I think cat's personalities are a lot more distinct and individual. I proudly claim the title of crazy cat lady even though I'm only slightly more of a cat person than a dog person.

Are you a cat person or a dog person? Do you think you would get along better with James or Leif? Do you know how to stop cats from scratching other things when they use the litterbox?

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