Monday, August 12

Concord Nights

++ J and I "discovered" Siam Orchid, the local Thai restaurant when we came and visited for UNH's open house! It was waaay necessary that we go back, so we took my Dad out to eat last Monday for lunch. We practically feasted! I could eat their spicy Tom Yum Seafood Soup every day of my life and be the happiest, so it'll be a challenge not to eat there every day, haha. We haven't gone back since, so I think my self control is winning out.

++ Before he flew back home on Tuesday, Dad and J and I walked around Concord and did some 'splorin! There's this beautiful little "cove" off the main street that has a fountain and is just gorgeous!
++ We also showed Dad around my law school! It's such a beautiful building and I was relieved that he loved it as much as I did. :)
++ Street couple pictures while we wait for pedestrian crossing signs!

++ Dad took some cute pictures of me and J in front of UNH before we left! I'm almost ready to start classes!!!
++ We all went out to this local bar called The Barley House for dinner. I found a lobster BLT on the menu, so of course I had to try it. SO. GOOD. It was weird to have something else with the BLT because it's such a staple of mine, but besides the initial shock, it was delicious.
++ I am the hipster unpacking queen!

++ Penina and I went for a bike ride, so I finally got to try out the new back tire on my bike! We were planning on biking to the track, running, and biking back, but the track was being used by some guys and we ended up just biking back. It was still great to be outside!
++ One of the best parts of unpacking is that I finally get to use all of my things again instead of keeping some in storage! One of these treasures is the mug I bought myself last year from Modcloth. How adorable is it?!
++ J and I checked out a sushi restaurant in Manchester that was super cheap and had great reviews! It was really, really good and I can't wait to go back. Obviously I'll be trying to save money this year, but it's so decently priced that I don't mind splurging once in a while. :)

++ After sushi, J took some model shotz of me in front of the restaurant. Outfit post coming soon! :)
++ We headed back to Concord and hung out at this local coffee shop that I love! They have all these different, mix and match chairs that make it look so adorable!
++ We took more model shots in the backyard of my apartment. I love actually having my own little outdoor space!

++ After we got back from sushi and coffee, Penina and Adam suggested we go bowling - who was I to say no to that?! It was candle pin bowling, which meant that the pins were thinner and the balls were much smaller. You also get to bowl 3 times per turn instead of 2! It was sooo much fun! :)
++ Afterwards, we headed to Orange Leaf for J and I's dinner. The amount of fro-yo I got was obscene. A little bit ashamed still, but it lasted me 3 days!
++ Misspellings...
++ I finally bought myself an external hard drive!

++ J and I checked out a burrito place in town (I swear, we don't go out this much usually) that I'm seriously in love with! It's called Boloco and they actually just offered me a free burrito on twitter! WHOO!
++ I love my foxy salt and pepper shakers. :)
++ On Saturday, J and I accidentally found the Farmer's Market in Concord! We were going out for coffee, but quickly decided the FM was definitely worth checking out. Never in my life have I seen so many gorgeous dogs! I also treated myself to a giant glazed donut because it was fresh and local and SO delicious!

++ After the Farmer's Market, we did end up getting coffee at the local coffee shop. I read "The 5 Love Languages" and J read a Chuck Klosterman book!
++ We did another mini photo shoot in that little enclave off of the main street! I felt like a 70's girl!
++ Penina made our downstairs neighbor, Dan, and us a Reuben casserole on Saturday for dinner! We all drank beer and cider (Strongbow for me, thanks). It was super fun and the casserole was so good! It tasted just like a Reuben! After dinner, we watched Talladega Nights in Dan's movie room.
++ James has been doing really, really well here. He's super snugly and affectionate, and we think it's probably because he doesn't have Leif to keep him company anymore. He seems to be happy and well-adjusted!

++ Roomie selfies! :)
++ J and I bleached my roots yesterday evening, then (after drying my hair and fixing some spots we missed (oops), colored it with slightly diluted Manic Panic, Pretty Flamingo! It's such a sweet, light color and I love it! I might go over some blonder pieces and do some touch-ups, but I really love it! I can't believe I haven't used Manic Panic before!
++ We bought more ceiling stars at Michael's and J put all ~70 up on my ceiling last night, in actually constellations! It looked cool with the lights on, but it was overwhelmingly beautiful once the lights were off last night. I felt like I was looking at the night sky! I can't believe he did all that work for me. :)

Thanks for sticking with me during this big move, everyone! It's been relatively painless, but I'm excited to get back into a schedule and blogging regularly!

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