Tuesday, August 20

What I Learned Today!

Today was my first day of law school Orientation at the University of New Hampshire School of Law! Here's what I learned today:

  • According to one of my professors, we have until Monday at 8am to get into relationships, or stay celibate the rest of the year. Point being, it's going to be stressful enough being in law school and eventually a lack of sleep and an excess of stress will make our judgment disappear and make mistakes that we will regret later. Thankfully I'm already in a relationship.
  • I don't like people who talk exceptionally loud and who interrupt other people without apologizing.
  • J and I are a cute couple. It was said today. I giggled and stuff. :3
  • The professors at the school are nerdy about what they do, and that is awesome.
  • I already have homework for next Tuesday, which I didn't know.
  • Apparently I am the type of person who thinks people can get smarter by working hard, which means that I will be less upset when I fail, which will probably be often. No big deal.
  • Other people feel as lost as I do sometimes.
  • One of the women in my class does roller derby.
  • There are some sweet, intelligent ladies in my class. I'm feeling so much better about making friends here! I think I'm going to have some lifelong friends after law school. :)
  • I am not the only person obsessed with "Say Yes to the Dress," thank God.
  • Our law school dean is an amazing speaker!
  • One of the judges on the New Hampshire Supreme Court came to administer an oath of professionalism to our class and she talked to us for a while - she was a COMPLETE badass! I mean, she wasn't Roxanne Conlin or anything, but still very cool. I love meeting strong, feisty women!
  • I know that I am an ENF - type, but I think I'm a complete mix of P & J. We discussed this in Orientation today.
  • James doesn't like being alone all day, but he's really happy to see me when I get home. :)
I still have two more days of Orientation left and I'm so excited! I'm not so excited to start on my homework already, especially since I have no books yet (my transferred money is still "pending" at my new bank and has been for two weeks. UGH). This is going to be quite the adventure!

How was your day today? Do you think I could be a badass roller derby lady?! Do you think people can be a mix of personality types?


  1. Monte from Say Yes to the Dress came into my Starbucks. I died I was so excited. He is amazing in person as well. Glad you're having a good beginning to law school!!

    1. Ahhh, was he really?! That's so great to know, I always wonder if people are as nice as they look. I'll always have a special place in my heart for Randy. :) Thanks love, you're so sweet! <3

      xo Madie