Friday, August 9

Welcome Home

It's kind of embarrassing showing pictures of the apartment right now since almost every room is still loaded with my unopened boxes! Since the kitchen was a shared space, J, Penina and I finished unpacking 90% of my things and figuring out where they're going to go. There may still be some changes as far as what cabinets hold what, but I think we're basically done... and that feels so good!

When Dad, J and I finished unloading the furniture in my room, the desk and bed were in different locations, which you can see in the earlier pictures. Unfortunately, my room has TWO different outlets and none where the desk used to be... I decided that the desk should be moved over to where the bottom of the bed used to be, and to rotate the bed to face the other window. We've had the room like this for almost 5 days and I really like this set up!

My room is still a disaster zone, haha! It feels like no matter how much I get put away, there are still boxes upon boxes to look through! I definitely, definitely have too many things, haha.

I've been doing pretty well emotionally - I did have a good cry the other day when I started realizing how few days J had left to live here with me. Living apart is going to really, really suck, but I know we're going to adjust. All we've had to do so far is make Target trips, trips to the grocery store, fun little excursions around town, and unpacking... and we've been so busy! I can't imagine how busy we're both going to be once school starts. If the days fly by as fast as they have this week, it'll be Thanksgiving before I know it!

What do you think of the apartment? What are your favorite parts? How do you make unpacking fun?


  1. It's so cute!!! I'm so excited for you. And one thing I've learned from Ricky is unpack immediately and as much as possible. Our two past apartments have looked like home after two days and although we are exhausted it is worth it.

  2. Thank you so so so much! :) Gosh, you guys really must have trucked through that! I moved a week from yesterday and last night I vowed to FINALLY get my stuff put away in my room... Still have two boxes left, haha. But I've made so much progress and I'm really happy with how the apartment is looking. The bathroom and kitchen are both 99% finished, so it's really just making my room and desk space livable! TEACH ME YOUR WAYS!

    xo Madie