Monday, August 26

Starting Law School

Today, ladies and gents, was my first day of class in law school :O

I had two classes: Civil Procedure & Legal Writing. I came to class feeling pretty good - after all, I'd taken copious amounts of notes and felt prepared! I told my friends that I probably felt so great because I expected to feel so much worse! Everyone warned me how horrible the reading and homework would be - how I wouldn't understand the material for a while, but that it would get better.

Given that advice, I figured I wouldn't understand anything right away. Instead, I felt pretty good about the material.

No, this isn't come terrible story about how I was called on first and totally failed. My friend Abby (sitting right next to me) was called on though... and completely rocked it! I was so proud of her! :)

Since I completed my homework for tomorrow this weekend, it looks like I have a free evening... which I'll probably use to laze around the apartment and watch a romantic comedy, haha. Though in reality, I'll probably try to get some homework done for Wednesday. 

I figure it can't hurt to stay ahead of the homework, right? There's seriously sooo much. I thought people were exaggerating when they warned me about how much there would be... But no. Trust me on this: TONS of reading & writing.

In other news, I miss my boyfriend really freaking bad. I wish he was here. Counting down the months / days / hours / minutes...

Anyone else have their first day of school today? How did it go? Are you proud of me for surviving my first day? :)

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