Thursday, August 8

On The Road Again

Our first day on the road was pretty uneventful, in a great way. I drove my car with J and James, while Dad drove an SUV with the trailer ahead of us. We offered to switch who was in which cars, but it never happened - first for convenience, and later for who was the least tired... We stopped at McDonald's for lunch, which was my first time in about 3 years. Later for dinner we had Subway, which rocked. Bread is the best.

J and I listened to the playlists I had made for the trip, as well as "Mr. Darcy, Vampyre" on audio book! We never actually finished it, so hopefully we'll get to this week. :)

I wouldn't even call this a "day..." We stopped to find a hotel in Cleveland around 9:30pm, and there were none to be found. Literally, every single hotel was booked. We checked all over Cleveland. We checked in Erie, Pennsylvania. We checked in Buffolo, New York. Literally. None.

Eventually, Dad and J and I decided just to drive as far as we could and stop at a rest stop when we needed to sleep. I got a cheap gas station coffee drink, bought Dad and J energy drinks, and we started on our way. We got until 3:30 am until we decided we needed to stop, so we found a rest stop somewhere in New York and konked out in our cars. I woke up around 4:00am, but thought I had slept  two hours (for unknown reasons, probably due to exhaustion - I clearly only slept 30 minutes). I waited until 5:15 or so to wake up J and Dad, and we continued driving. J was still sleeping beside me until we reached a Denny's further on. We all got out and had a real breakfast, which was much-needed at that point!

After breakfast, I made it until about 7 or 8 in the morning before I asked J to drive instead of me. At that point, I was having a hard time focusing on the road and we all agreed that it was probably best that he, now fully caffeinated and having slept 2 hours (compared to my 30 minutes and Dad's hour and a half), should take over. I didn't immediately fall asleep, but once I was out, I was OUT. I remember waking up with rain pouring down on our car once, and then woke up when we stopped at a gas station. I only slept an hour and a half the entire trip, but hey, that's what adventures are for!

J continued driving until we got to...


Have you gone on any adventures lately? How do you prepare for road trips? Have you ever had to sleep in your car?

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