Wednesday, May 21

Life Lately {vol. 21}

Nailed it, Siri...

I had my first HyVee Chinese since being back and it was SPECTACULAR.

This little sweetie leaves you alone in the morning UNTIL you start moving. Then he whines and cries like a tiny baby, but it's so hard to stay mad at him with that little face. :)

James wanted nothing to do with Leif when we re-introduced them, but they warmed up to each other really quickly!

Sometimes I can't even deal with my weird cats.

J introduced me to the show "True Detective," and I'm super hooked despite how dark it is. Maybe I grew tougher skin in law school? Anyway, I'm obsessed and plan on finishing the season this coming weekend!

J and I went to Oyama as a coming-home present for me! They NEVER disappoint. In heaven, God will have Oyama sushi served.

I hadn't seen the dogs in a reeeally long time, and it was great to get outside and play with them! Notice Winston trying to lick J in the second picture?! It kills me every time!
I drove to Des Moines on Wednesday while J took his last final. I feel like a lot of my law school friends asked about how Iowa looked, and while this is not how the entire state looks, it's definitely 90% of the drive from Iowa City to Des Moines!

I had a late Mother's Day dinner with my mom Wednesday night, and we spotted this on the table! Just can't separate New Hampshire and Iowa anymore, can we?

I took Mom to the airport Thursday morning around 5am, but everyone slept horribly the whole night. J and I weren't used to the city noises. Even when I went back to sleep, I still woke up before 8am...

I'm staying in Mom's Des Moines apartment this summer while I work at her law firm as a law clerk! Isn't her apartment darling?!

On Thursday, J and I headed to A Dong's for lunch! It was SPECTACULAR. Usually I don't like Bubble tea because of the flavors, but I found this year that I LOVE the green tea flavor! J and I shared one, but we easily could have had our own. It was the best Bubble tea I've had ever, and the lunch was perfect, as always.

These are both different pictures from the window of my apartment. I looove living in a real city, even if it's a small one like Des Moines.

All in all, it was such a perfect week off. J and I spent Thursday evening snuggling and relaxing, which was something I'd badly needed. I really love that I can just BE with him.

I've had a really great time in Des Moines so far! I've seen a few friends and started getting used to my new apartment. I don't know if it's because of the time change or just because it's me, but I've been going to bed really early lately. I didn't get good sleep the first few nights because of all the noise, but I think I'm slowly getting used to it. :)

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