Friday, September 26

Apple Picking

Two weeks ago, I went apple picking with a bunch of my law school friends! I'd never been to this orchard before, but it was absolutely gorgeous! It was a cloudy, cold day, but in the most beautiful way. My friend Jay took two of the pictures here (the ones with me in them).

I really loved the little shop, where they had fresh, local produce, including flowers! Weren't they gorgeous?!

I loved everything that I bought there - I got some apple cider (that I warmed up before drinking), hard apple cider (that I'm saving for a rainy day), a whole bunch of apples (I only have two left), and some beautiful white green beans!

Apple picking is one of my favorite activies in Concord, and I'm really hoping to go a few more times before the season ends. Plus, the leaves are starting to really change around here. As beautiful as Iowa is in the fall, even at Simpson, Iowa doesn't have anything on the Northeast. New Hampshire in the fall is EVERYTHING!

What's your favorite part about fall? Have you ever been in the Northeast while the leaves were changing? Do you love apple picking?

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