Thursday, September 11

Life Lately {vol. 29}

I had to dress up like a lawyer for my Pretrial Ad class a few weeks ago!

Margarita/Mexican food dates with Erica are my favorite!

These cats though. Hours of entertainment!

James has started getting snugglier the cooler it gets outside! #Jamesinshirts has reappeared on Instagram, haha.

Homework seems like a breeze compared with my work for Pretrial Ad now. :P

Yeah, Leif is perfect. He's really gotten comfortable with me recently, which has been really sweet to see. He sleeps with me almost every night now!

Sunday homework is a lot easier with coffee and pajamas!

How sweet is this big guy? :)

Spongebob Macaroni & Cheese is heaven on earth.

These two cuties are simultaneously the most annoying and the most perfect, haha. This mostly depends on what time of day it is and whether they're letting me sleep.

I finally gave in and tried making myself Bloody Mary's. I ran out of booze, so the last four I made were virgins. Still delicious, still totally worth it!

When I went grocery shopping, Shaws was selling cold, ready-cooked lobsters for $5.99/lb, so I jumped on that bandwagon FAST. After 10 minutes in the oven, this big guy was delicious!

My roommate, Ashley, went to Live Juice this past week! Yummm!

I got two salmon fillets at Shaws when I got the lobster, so I made some pretty fabulous maple syrup salmon with mushrooms & spinach!

Look at this little lion, haha! So serious!

Sorry I'm not sorry for all the cat pictures. They make up 90% of my non-law school life, haha.

I made some delicious bran muffins! Post coming soon. :)

I also got a membership at the local YMCA and I love it! I haven't had time to go since this weekend, but I'm probably going to be going a lot on the weekends.

The Grimm Fairy Tales never cease to amuse me. Only in old German stories collected from indigent farmers would an ending like this be published. XD

My top knot game was ON POINT a few days ago! Fitting, since I'm getting my hair cut in less than a week.

I had to get something out of the shed, but there was an unfriendly black cat sitting right next to it. Spoiler alert: I won.

James is such a sweetie when he wants to be!

Oh gosh, Leif, Evidence makes me sleepy too!

Sorry for the post being a day late!

Like all weeks in law school, it's been pretty crazy. I feel like most weeks seem pretty exhausting when youre actually experiencing them, but this one has been especially so. Our Pretrial Ad class has been constantly keeping me on my toes, and we really haven't gotten a break since this last weekend. Lots of meetings outside of class, lots of writing, lots of deadlines... Welcome to law, haha!

I literally went to bed for the past two nights before 9:00PM. I was laughing about going to bed at 8:30 yesterday, and it turns out, I wasn't the only one. I feel like last year, my biggest issue was making sure I was in bed by 11:00PM so I could wake up feeling decent. This year, it seems like my biggest issue is just getting through the day...

I mean, I haven't gone to bed before 9:00PM two nights in a row since I was like, ten years old, or unless I was sick. Praying and praying and praying that I'm not getting sick. Pretty sure I'm just regular exhausted, haha.

Anyway, this weekend looks like it'll be a tiny break, but still full of homework, trying to network, researching case law, and getting a few groceries. I'll probably be a lazy bum and watch a lot of movies to make myself feel like I'm having fun, haha.

How has your week been? When's the last time you went to bed before 9:00PM? How do you balance your life?

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