Wednesday, September 24

Life Lately {vol. 30}

I got some new tights from Urban Outfitters and loved wearing them with this dress!

I was invited over to play Settlers of Catan for the first time with a few law school friends! (Hint: I did not win... but it was SO much fun!)

I went over to Abby's house to watch Bride Day Friday on TLC! I love seeing Abby, of course, but Oz has a special place in my heart. :)

A few law school friends and I went apple picking two weekends ago!

I don't know what I'd do without Jay in law school. :)

If I fits, I sits!

Apple cider, cold nights, and Netflix. Classic!

I met a really amazing attorney last week for coffee at my favorite coffee shop in Concord... after this picture was take, obviously, haha.

I had to take advantage of my "long" hair while I could!

Could this little guy be ANY sweeter?!

Getting my hair done took almost three hours... Although I didn't want to dye my hair anymore, I really wanted to be able to grow it out without the harsh line between the red and blonde, so Nicole put highlights and lowlights in my hair to smooth the transition!

So much hair gone! :O

The next day, I went to the New Hampshire Women's Bar Association Reception! The attorney I had coffee with was being honored - plus it's the best party of the year!

Friday morning, I left the apartment at 2:45AM to head to Boston for my 6AM flight. Sooo sleepy!
My little brother, Chase, and I met up in Atlanta! Whatta cutie! :)

I'm just a tiny bit obsessed with my haircut, no big deal.

I came back to Iowa for my cousin, Brandee's, wedding rehersal and wedding the next day! Isn't she gorgeous?!

The guys in my family are pretty adorable. :)
I stole J's hat, and he remarked that I looked like a lesbian. I'm not going to argue with that.
My cousin Issie is the light of my life! :)
My favorite dudes! :)
J cleans up so well, doesn't he? :) Whatta hottie!

I wore one of my favorite Modcloth dresses for the wedding on Saturday!

My little cousin Jack is such a sweetheart!

My grandma, brother and I before the wedding!

Jack is such a cool dude!

Issie and Brandee - sooo adorable! Issie couldn't stop looking at her all day! :)

Chase and I sang at the wedding, and it wasn't a disaster! ;)

Congratulations Brandee and Brandon! :)

Time to partaaaay!

My handsome man. :) It was so great to get to be with him and my family all weekend!

My parents are THE cutest. Definitely started the dance party, haha.

Ledges State Park was absolutely beautiful. It makes me miss Iowa. :)

We're pretty cool people, haha. Goofballs. :P

Flying back to Concord wasn't as hard as I thought it would be - it sucked to leave J and my family, but I was just so happy! Such an amazing weekend. :) It also helped that J made me a few playlists, so it felt like I was taking a part of him with me.

After an easy flight to Minneapolis, I got stuck there for several hours after our plane's engine apparently stopped working. I eventually got to Boston after only an hour or so extra of waiting around, and got back to Concord around midnight!

I had such an amazing time in Iowa with J and my family! I came back so happy... and sick, haha. Thanks, airports and sick family members! ;)

I was glad to be home with my cats, but James has been acting out a little bit. He's been peeing on some of my clothes and towels on the floor (even though his litter box is clean) and scratching at my door at 2AM. I was really upset about this, but I realized yesterday that he was probably acting out for attention. I played with both the cats a lot last night and tried to pay more attention to them. I think it's helping, though he still woke me up at 2AM this morning...

I clearly have to exhaust James more during the evenings, haha. I need that cat to sleep through the night, because I really, really need my sleep!

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