Monday, September 29

My Favorite Outfits

This was the first outfit post I ever did on Girl Named Fiddy, and it still remains my favorite. No shame. I ahve such great memories of this day, and I felt so beautiful and so myself! J and I had gone to get sushi for lunch, just after the new year, but it wasn't open yet so we decided to go to the lake. It was frozen over, and we had always dreamed of walking on it per "Eternal Sunshine." I asked J if he would take a few pictures of me, so we did a mini photoshoot right there on the lake!

This is still one of my favorite dresses and favorite outfits! Definitely one of my favorite memories. :)

Pretty sure this was the day I realized that coral might be my favorite color. My pixie cut might be grown out so far that it looks like a bowl cut, my blazer might have been $5 at a second-hand store, and I might have taken these after working 9 hours at my job, but I still like this outfit!

Also pretty sure I haven't worn it since, but it's one of my favorite outfits because it was colorful, super comfortable, and I was really trying to take risks and figure out what I liked. I really love how much color I put into the outfit, and it was one of the first times J took my outfit photos with a real camera instead of an iPhone, haha

I really loved this outfit because it was so unapologetically me. I had literally just gotten these jeans and shoes from Urban Outfitters, and had never worn high-waisted pants before. I was so nervous that they were too tight or didn't look flattering on me, but J assured me that they fit and that I looked beautiful. My mom and grandma had picked out this sweater for me for Christmas. I still own every item in this photo, and I would wear them again in an instant!

I also remember I was so excited because I had changed my part and actually pinned my hair in the back. It was still too short to do anything with, and I think it was only a few days after the "Crazy About Coral" photoshoot... but you'd never know!

I think this was one of my least-appreciated outfit posts, even by myself. I felt really beautiful all day at work, then came home and J's mom took my outfit photos. Granted, my poses were a little stiff, but for the most part I really love how I look in the dress! I had changed up my hairstyle to be parted more down the middle, which I absolutely loved... and then there's the coral hair. LOVE THE CORAL HAIR. I still wish my hair grew coral. It's the most beautiful color!

I have such great memories of this outfit. Like all great memories, they involved J and sushi. This was the first week I moved to Concord last year, and we had spent about two days unpacking my things. Eventually, I needed a break and suggested we find a good sushi place for lunch. We found a place in Manchester with good reviews, went, and had an absolutely delicious lunch! J took some pictures of me after lunch, and then took more when we got back home. My backyard isn't utilized nearly enough, and it's absolutely gorgeous!

I felt so beautiful in this outfit. It was comfortable, and it felt really good to put on makeup and get a little dolled up after days of driving in the car and then days of cleaning. My roommate at the time even commented that I looked really good, haha.

This is still my favorite dress of all time, because of course. I've worn it a handful of times, which maybe doesn't sound like a lot, but as a poor law student, I don't have a ton of places that I feel comfortable wearing a cat-print dress. But I've found places, because this beauty needs to be worn! It fits me perfectly, the shape is amazing, and I could not love the print more.

I'd seen this dress on Modcloth a few years ago, but I never thought it was an option before it came back into stock about a year ago. I sent my mom a link, not-so-subtley begging for the dress. Because she is kind, loving, and very, very sweet, she bought me the dress, thereby securing her place in my heart until the end of time. Just kidding, she was already there. But still. This. Dress.

Mixing It Up
This outfit (and post) will have a special place in my heart - not only because of the amazing summer I spent in my mom's apartment in Des Moines, but because I decided to actually act like myself in an outfit post. I was worried that people would think I was weird or wouldn't notice a difference, but it ended up being one of my most popular outfit posts! Funny how that works, isn't it?

It was so much fun to shoot this by myself with a timer too, because I didn't have to worry about the person behind the camera judging me. It was just me in there, and I could look as stupid or weird as I wanted to. It was really freeing, and also the first time I properly took a timed photoshoot on my phone!

Which are your favorite outfit posts?

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